University Senate - Library Committee

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: University Senate

1. The membership of the Library Committee is as follows:
a. Academic Vice-President & Provost as Chair,
b. the Deans of Faculties,
c. the University Librarian,
d. six Faculty Members, two from Arts, two from Science, one from Business, and one from Education, elected by Senate,
e. one Librarian nominated by the Librarians,
f. two Students appointed by the Vice-President of the Students' Union.

2. The Faculty Members are elected for three year terms, with a maximum of one renewal.

Terms of Reference:
1. The principal responsibilities of the Library Committee are:
a. to advise the Librarian on the formulation of policy with respect to the administration (acquisition, service, staffing, equipment, space, and budgets) of the University Library;
b. to review and make recommendations regarding the University Librarian's budget (for acquisitions, staff, renovations and equipment) to the University Budget Committee.

2. The Library Committee should meet at least four times per year, to deal with such matters as may be brought before it with respect to Library policy regarding service, acquisitions and staffing; and specifically:
a. in October to deal with expenditures relative to budget and to discuss the Librarian's written report to the October meeting of Senate.
b. at a January meeting to deal with (1) (b);
c. at a May meeting to (i) review the year end (March 31) actual to budget performance

3. The Committee reports, through the Chair, to the April meeting of Senate.

DATE: April Meeting
TERM: 3 Years
NUMBER: 6 Faculty


Committee Membership

Marion Alex3 Year2017-04-012020-04-01Faculty of Science
Laura Lee Kearns3 Year2016-04-012019-04-01Faculty of Education
Matthew Palmer3 Year2016-04-012019-04-01Faculty of Science
Adela Sandness3 Year2015-04-012018-04-01Faculty of Arts
Christine Lomore3 Year2015-04-012018-04-01Faculty of Arts
Bhavik Parikh3 Year2015-04-012018-04-01Faculty of Business
Susan Cameron, Librarian3 Year2014-09-012017-08-01Library Representative
Ping Zhou3 Year2016-04-012017-04-01Faculty of Science
Lou Duggan, UL3 Year2016-08-012017-01-01University Librarian
Kathleen MacKenzie, Archivist, Library1 Year2015-10-012016-10-01
David Garbary3 Year2013-04-012016-04-01
Jennifer Mitton Kukner3 Year2013-04-012016-04-01
Alan Anderson2 Year2014-04-012016-04-01Faculty of Science
Kathleen MacKenzie, Archivist, Library3 Year2014-09-012015-08-01Library Representative
Wojciech Tokarz3 Year2012-04-012015-04-01
Clare Fawcett1 Year2014-04-012015-04-01Faculty of Arts
Bhasker Mukerji 1 Year2014-04-012015-04-01Faculty of Business
Michael D'Arcy3 Year2012-04-012014-06-01On sabbatical July 1 2014 - June 30, 2015
Vijay Vishwakarma 3 Year2012-04-012014-06-01on Sabbatical Leave
Darren Derksen1 Year2013-04-012014-05-01resigned
Peter Marzlin3 Year2010-04-012013-04-01
Donna Trembinski3 Year2009-04-012012-04-01Arts
John Phyne3 Year2009-04-012012-04-01Arts
Ram Palanisamy3 Year2009-04-012012-04-01Science
Anne Murray-Orr3 Year2007-04-012010-04-01Arts
Brian MacLean3 Year2007-04-012010-04-01Science
Grant Ferguson3 Year2007-04-012010-04-01Science
Hossein Abolghasem3 Year2006-04-012009-04-01Arts
Maurice Arpin3 Year2006-04-012009-04-01Arts
Adela Sandness3 Year2005-04-012008-04-01Arts
Laurence Yang3 Year2005-04-012008-04-01Science off
Jim Cameron3 Year2004-04-012007-04-01Arts
Lavinia Stan3 Year2004-04-012007-04-01Arts off
Debbie Vossen3 Year2004-04-012007-04-01Science
Terry O'Mahoney3 Year2003-04-012006-04-01Arts
Hubert Spekkens3 Year2002-04-012005-04-01Arts
Barry Taylor3 Year2002-04-012005-04-01Science
Lucian Turcescu3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01Arts
Ram Palanisamy3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01Arts
Cathy MacDonald3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01Science
Man Lin3 Year2001-04-012004-04-01Science off
Matthew Meyer3 Year2000-04-012003-04-01Arts
Shiraz Dossa3 Year1999-04-012002-04-01Arts
Mike Melchin3 Year1999-04-012002-04-01Science
Wendy MacCaull3 Year1999-04-012002-04-01Science off
Susan Cameron, Librarian3 Year2014-09-01

46 members.