St. F. X. M. P. H. E. C. Nominating Committee

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Inactive

Committee Elected By: University Senate


The M.P.H.E.C. Act requires that each university have a nominating committee consisting of:
(a) the executive heads of the universities; and
(b) one representative appointed by the Senate or equivalent academic body of each university.

This committee nominates persons to be members of the M.P.H.E.C. Council. 
On 28 March 1973 our Senate filled the position but did not, however, specify any term of office.

The Committee on Nominations recommends that "The term of office for the representative appointed by Senate to the St. F. X. M.P.H.E.C. Nominating Committee be set at three years."

The intention would be to appoint a new person at the October '85 meeting of the University Senate.

ELECTED BY: University Senate
DATE: November
TERM: Three years
NUMBER: One member


Committee Membership

Steve Baldner3 Year2014-10-012017-10-01
Mike Melchin3 Year2010-11-012013-11-01
Michael Steinitz3 Year2007-11-012010-11-01
Donna Gallant3 Year2004-11-012007-11-01
Neil Foshay3 Year2001-11-012004-11-01
Peggy Gallant3 Year2000-11-012003-11-01off

6 members.