Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Inactive

Committee Elected By: N/A

Established February 1987 

Terms of reference are those prescribed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act of the Province of Nova Scotia which became effective on January 1, 1997.

A university-wide committee comprised of one employee representative from the CAW Local 605, CUPE Local 1616, PAC and AUT, and four representatives (including the Director of Physical Plant) appointed by the President.

Chair to be chosen by members at the first meeting.

Terms of appointment ‑ three years, effective March 1, 1987.

MEMBERS: Rep from CAWL, CUPE, PAC, AUT + Presidental appointees
DATE: October
TERM: Three years
NUMBER: 8 members

Employer Representatives:
Leon MacLellan - Facilities Management
Heather MacDougall - Human Resources Director
Leo MacPherson - Director of Athletics
Bill Marshall - Dean of Science

Employee Representatives
Jennifer Farrell - Non-Union Staff
Andrew Foran - Faculty
Bernie Hanifen - CAW
Paul White - CUPE
Matt MacGillivray - Students' Union

Hubert Spekkens Faculty
Peter MacDonald CAW (Facilities Management Staff
Paul White[Secretary] CUPE (Security)
Sian Newman-Smith PAC (Bookstore)
Nick Smerek Students Union

Resource Person
Janet Beaton CH&S Officer


Committee Membership

Judith Cormier3 Year2013-03-012015-10-01Replacement for Ann Murray-Orr

1 members.