Outstanding Teaching Awards Committee

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: University Faculty

a) To adjudicate nominations received from the University Community for Outstanding Teaching Awards.
b) To prepare nominations from this University for external awards in the areas of teaching and instructional development.
In carrying out its duties with respect to the Outstanding Teaching Awards, the Committee shall adhere to the guidelines established in the Policy with Respect to University Research/Publication/ Teaching Awards as established in Article 2.7.1 of the Collective Agreement. The Outstanding Teaching Awards Committee shall be a Standing Committee of the University Faculty.

Six members:
- three of whom will be tenured faculty members
- two of whom will be graduating students, and
- one person from the University community (faculty, students or alumni).
The members from the faculty will serve three year terms on an alternating basis, and the new faculty member each year will be elected by the University Faculty at a fall meeting. The two graduating students will be selected by the Students' Union by November 1. The member from the University community will be selected by the Academic Vice-President each year by November 1.

DATE: October
TERM: Three Years
NUMBER: Three Tenured Faculty Members


Committee Membership

Laura Lee Kearns3 Year2017-10-012020-10-01
Russell Wyeth2 Year2018-01-012020-10-01
Jonathan Rosborough3 Year2016-10-012019-10-01
Ryan Lukeman1 Year2017-10-012018-10-01
Lori Graham 3 Year2016-10-012018-01-01Sabbatical
Joanne Tompkins3 Year2015-10-012017-07-01
Jean Guy Lalande3 Year2013-10-012016-10-01
Brian MacLean2 Year2015-03-012016-10-01Resigned
Neil Maltby3 Year2012-10-012015-10-01
Judith Cormier2 Year2013-04-012015-02-01
Anne Murray-Orr3 Year2012-10-012013-03-01Off
Edwin DeMont3 Year2009-10-012012-10-01
Earla Wilputte3 Year2008-10-012011-10-01
Louis Groarke3 Year2008-10-012011-10-01
Martin Van Bommel3 Year2007-10-012010-10-01
Angie Kolen3 Year2005-10-012008-10-01
Jean Guy Lalande3 Year2005-10-012008-10-01
Jonathan Boulter3 Year2005-10-012008-10-01off
Réjeanne LeBlanc3 Year2005-10-012008-10-01off
Gary Brooks3 Year2004-10-012007-10-01off
Lucian Turcescu3 Year2004-10-012007-10-01off
James Cormier3 Year2002-10-012005-10-01
Alexander MacEachern3 Year2001-10-012004-10-01
Ed Pencer3 Year2001-10-012004-10-01
Irene Bernard3 Year2000-10-012003-10-01off
Edwin DeMont3 Year1999-10-012002-10-01

26 members.