President's Research Award/University Research Award

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Committee Elected By: University Faculty

The President's Research Award and the University Research Award will be presented in alternating years at Spring Convocation. The President’s Research Award and the University Research Award may be used for travel, equipment, supplies, student support, books, etc., at the discretion of the award recipient.

The President’s Research Award

The President's Research Award will be presented to an emerging or mid-career faculty researcher/scholar in any discipline who has established a promising research track record of noteworthy accomplishments. The recipient of the President’s Research Award will normally hold the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor. Nominees will demonstrate from their record of publications, impacts, grants, scholarship, performance, or creativity, as well as their current research program that they are developing as outstanding leaders in the research/scholarship community. Special consideration will be given to nominees who have inspired, encouraged, and collaborated with colleagues and students in their own or other disciplines.

The University Research Award

In alternate years, the University Research Award will be presented to a senior faculty researcher/scholar in any discipline who has an outstanding and sustained record of research or scholarly production over the course of his/her career. The recipient of the University Research Award will normally hold the rank of Professor. Criteria for the award will include sustained support for research, scholarship, performance, or creativity, by peer-adjudicated granting agencies such as NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, or the Canada Council. A superior record of publication in peer-adjudicated journals, publication of monographs, public performances, or creative displays is required. The following will also be taken into consideration: influence on students to pursue research, scholarship, or creativity; and influence on colleagues and mentorship of junior colleagues in their research, scholarship, and creativity, including an influence and knowledge of the issues that extends beyond one's own discipline.

Call for Nominations:

The Academic Vice President and Provost (AVP) will issue an annual call for nominations for the President’s Research Award or the University Research Award. The call for nominations will normally be made in January each year and will indicate a submission deadline. Nominations will be submitted to the Office of the AVP, normally by mid-March each year. Nominations require a cover letter, a CV or resume of the nominee, and may include additional items such as internal or external letters of reference.

Committee Membership:

Nominations for both the President’s Research Award and the University Research Award will be reviewed by a Committee comprised of the following members:

• The Academic Vice-President and Provost (Chair)
• The Associate Vice President, Research and Graduate Studies (Vice Chair)
• Two Academic Deans appointed by the Academic Vice President and Provost
• Four faculty members elected by the University Faculty; at least one will hold the rank of Full Professor.

The members from the faculty will serve staggered three-year terms, and will be elected by the University Faculty at a fall meeting. The Committee on Nominations will give preference for committee membership to faculty who have demonstrated a strong impact in research, scholarship or creative activities, as well achieving diverse representation across disciplines.


Committee Membership

Donna MacDougall3 Year2017-10-012020-10-01
Michael D'Arcy3 Year2017-10-012020-10-01
Dave Risk2 Year2017-10-012019-10-01
Lisa Lunney Borden2 Year2017-10-012019-10-01

4 members.