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The University is committed to assist in the continued publication of the Review. This commitment is to be expressed in terms of dollars budgeted in any given fiscal year, relief time from teaching duties awarded to the Editor and the provision of secretarial assistance. All other overheads associated with space, heat, light and power are also to be borne by the University.
The following procedures are to govern the operation of The Antigonish Review beginning in April 1, 1986.

1. Stability is an important factor in the publication of a magazine which sells subscriptions to individuals thus making a commitment to produce a given number of issues. As far as possible, therefore budgets shall be developed on a three-year basis.

2. The annual budget beginning April 1, 1986 shall be $20,000 and it shall escalate at a figure equivalent to the average percentage increase in faculty salaries for the two following years. In addition a course load reduction for the Editor equivalent to one course shall be given and 30% of the services of the secretary of the English Department shall be provided.

3. At the end of the second year, that is in March 1988 a review of the operation of The Review shall be conducted by the Executive Vice-President at which time a recommendation to continue for a further three-year period or to cease publication shall be made. If the latter alternative is chosen, then a budget of not less that $10,000 shall be awarded for the third and final year.

4. The Editor of The Antigonish Review shall be appointed by the President for a three-year term with the first beginning April 1, 1986. Subsequent reappointments shall be for not less than three year periods and shall follow recommendations received from the Editorial Board and the Executive Vice-President.

5. An Editorial Advisory Board shall be appointed by the President to consist of: six faculty members chosen by the President from eight nominees presented by the current Editor; one member nominated by the Chairman of the Department of English in consultation with the Editor. Faculty members shall be appointed for three years, with initial appointments of two for two and two for one year and the English Department representative for two years, to allow a possible rotation in membership. All editorial board members should be eligible for re-appointment. Re-appointment should take into consideration recommendations from the Editor. The Board shall: meet at least twice yearly; the Editor shall serve as Chair; the initial meeting shall select a Secretary.

6. A Management Board shall be appointed by the President consisting of an administrator chosen from a group composed of the two Deans and three Vice-Presidents, a member of the Business Office and a faculty member from a department other than that of the Editor or the Department of English.

7. The Editor shall present a brief yearly report to the President through the office of the Executive Vice-President.

8. The Management Board shall receive both from the Editor and from the Editorial Board, recommendations with reasons as to why any publication other than The Antigonish Review should be undertaken by the University. Decisions of the Management Board are final.



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