University Senate - Officers of Senate

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: University Senate

1. The Officers of Senate (“Officers”) shall consist of: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Vice-Secretary and Past Chair.

2. The following Officers shall be elected from among the elected Faculty members of the Senate for one-year terms or until their successor is appointed. The Chair and the Secretary are to be elected at the April meeting of Senate. The Vice-Chair and Vice-Secretary are to be elected at the October meeting of Senate. The Vice-Chair and Vice-Secretary will be expected to offer for the office of Chair and Secretary respectively.

3. The terms of office for Officers of Senate begin on May 16.

4. The Past Chair shall take office for a one-year term immediately upon completion of his/her term as Chair.

5. The Committee on Nominations shall provide nominations for vacant Officer positions. Following these nominations the Chair shall call for nominations from the floor. Voting in a contested election shall be by secret and preferential ballot.

6. In the event that an Officer resigns or the position otherwise becomes vacant, the Senate Steering Committee shall recommend to Senate a temporary replacement from amongst the Officers or elected Faculty representatives until the next scheduled election.

7. The Chair provides general oversight of the business of Senate and chairs meetings of Senate and the Senate Steering Committee.

8. The Secretary shall give notice of Senate meetings and record the minutes of these meetings and inform the University Community of the business of Senate by posting the agenda one week prior to each meeting and by distributing, no later than one week after each meeting a report of the motions and announcements made.

ELECTED BY: University Senate
DATE: April meeting
TERM: Chair, 1 year. Secretary, 1 year


Committee Membership

Adela SandnessVice Chair1 Year2017-04-012018-05-01
Anne Murray-OrrSecretary1 Year2017-04-012018-05-01
Barry TaylorVice Secretary1 Year2017-10-012018-05-01
Robert KennedyChair1 Year2017-04-012018-05-01
Anne Murray-OrrVice Secretary1 Year2016-10-012017-04-01
Donna TrembinskiChair1 Year2016-10-012017-04-01
Laurence YangSecretary1 Year2016-10-012017-04-01
Robert KennedyVice Chair1 Year2016-10-012017-04-01
Donna TrembinskiVice Chair1 Year2015-10-012016-10-01
Laurence YangVice Secretary1 Year2015-10-012016-10-01
Deborah GrahamVice Secretary1 Year2014-10-012015-10-01
Rod BantjesVice Chair1 Year2014-10-012015-10-01
Emeka OguejioforChair1 Year2014-05-012015-05-01
Petra HaufSecretary1 Year2014-05-012015-05-01
Edwin DeMontChair1 Year2013-05-012014-05-01
Rachel HurstSecretary1 Year2013-05-012014-05-01
Charmaine McPhersonChair1 Year2012-04-012013-04-01
Neil FoshaySecretary1 Year2012-04-012013-04-01
David YoungSecretary1 Year2011-04-012012-04-01
William SweetChair1 Year2011-04-012012-04-01
Terry O'MahoneyVice Chair1 Year2009-04-012010-04-01
Adela SandnessSecretary1 Year2008-04-012009-04-01
Elizabeth McGibbonVice Secretary1 Year2008-04-012009-04-01
Joe ApalooChair1 Year2008-04-012009-04-01
John Grant Secretary1 Year2008-04-012009-04-01
Mike MelchinVice Chair1 Year2008-04-012009-04-01
John CookSecretary1 Year2007-04-012008-04-01
Jane MoseleySecretary1 Year2006-04-012007-04-01
Margie KennedyVice Chair1 Year2006-04-012007-04-01
Marilyn GerrietsVice Secretary1 Year2006-04-012007-04-01
Robert ZeckerChair1 Year2006-04-012007-04-01
Doug BrownVice Chair1 Year2006-04-012007-04-01off
Joe NorrisChair1 Year2005-04-012006-04-01
Sherryl VintSecretary1 Year2005-04-012006-04-01
Angie KolenChair1 Year2004-04-012005-04-01
Judith CormierSecretary1 Year2004-04-012005-04-01
Hope GrahamSecretary1 Year2003-04-012004-04-01
Winston JacksonChair1 Year2003-04-012004-04-01
Doris GillisVice Secretary1 Year2002-04-012003-04-01
Margaret MacQuarrieSecretary1 Year2002-04-012003-04-01
Tanya TitchkoskyChair1 Year2002-04-012003-04-01
Winston JacksonVice Chair1 Year2002-04-012003-04-01
Bernard LiengmeChair1 Year2001-04-012002-04-01
Joanne TompkinsSecretary1 Year2001-04-012002-04-01
Daniel KaneSecretary3 Year2014-06-01

45 members.