Faculty of Arts Communications Committee

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Active

Committee Elected By: Faculty of Arts

Terms of Reference
Elected by: Members nominated by the Committee on Nominations and elected by the Faculty of Arts at the Faculty of Arts April Meeting.

Reports to: Faculty of Arts

Voting members
• 5 Faculty members (two 2-year term and three 3-year term positions) from the Faculty of Arts. The committee elects a chair from its five Faculty members for a 1-year term.
• 1 Student Representative

Non-voting members:
• 1 Representative from Marketing and Communications
• 1 Representative from Recruitment and Administration

The mission of the FoACC is to develop and implement strategies to communicate in a meaningful, effective, and attractive form the academic activities of the Faculty of Arts to the University community and beyond it with the support of appropriate StFX University departments (Students’ Union, Advancement, Recruitment).

1. Gain media visibility for the Faculty of Arts.
2. Inform prospective and current students about the benefits of an education in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts.
3. Inform students about educational opportunities within the Faculty of Arts (across programs).
4. Attract new students to the Faculty of Arts.
5. Highlight collaborations between departments and faculties.
6. Contribute to the creation of a community around the Faculty of Arts.

1. The FoACC should elect a chair from its faculty members.
2. The FoACC will focus on:
a. Communicating with Students
i. Prospective students
ii. Current students
iii. International Students
iv. Alumni
b. Communicating with the University community
c. Communicating with the wider community
i. Press
ii. Alumni


Committee Membership


0 members.