Ad Hoc Faculty of Science Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Committee Active/Inactive/Obsolete: Inactive

Committee Elected By: Faculty of Science

Description: In March 2015, the Faculty of Science, one of four Faculties at St. Francis Xavier University (StFX), passed a motion to embark on its first Faculty-wide strategic planning process with a goal of establishing a clear direction and achievable action for the next five years. A Strategic Planning Committee was struck and tasked with developing the plan. Members of the committee began the planning process by consulting with others within the Faculty of Science. Surveys were sent to faculty, lab instructors, and nurse educators, and a focus group was held with administrative assistants and support staff. Senior administrators were also consulted as were several students. The Faculty of Science Strategic Planning Committee then participated in six workshops organized and facilitated by the StFX Extension Department to analyze the data collected and to draft a strategic plan. The strategic plan articulates a mission, a vision, a set of values, and a strategic direction for the StFX Faculty of Science for the next five years and was approved by the Faculty of Science in January, 2016.


Committee Membership

Brad Long2014-10-01
Charmaine McPherson2015-03-01
Daniel Kane2015-02-01
Frank Comeau2015-02-01
Jen Jamieson2015-03-01
Jennifer Mitton Kukner2014-10-01
Moira Galway 2015-02-01
William Sweet2014-10-01

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