International Travel - Staff & Students

Attention students: Are you travelling on a university-related trip outside of Canada?
Attention faculty and staff: Are you travelling with or organizing university-related travel outside of Canada that includes students?

All International travel involving students MUST be approved and details provided to the International Travel Assessment Committee (ITAC).

Why register?

Registering students who are travelling internationally (outside of Canada) is beneficial for both the student and the university. In the event of an emergency, the university will be able to assist the student as they know the details of their travel plans. There are also many situations where travelers must be accounted for and/or contacted, so registration with the university provides another layer of protection for the student traveler. By registering, students can be quickly accounted for, contacted, and given assistance and assurance where required.

StFX's International Travel and Safety Policy was developed with the primary concern being the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. The policy mandates that all faculty, staff, and students planning international travel that includes students must:

Apply for travel approval a minimum of 45 days before travel; and
Register their travel details a minimum of 30 days before travel.

• When a faculty or staff member (in the policy, referred to as employee) is organizing travel including students, this faculty or staff member is responsible to apply for approval. Once approval is granted, all students must still register their travel details individually, providing basic information such as emergency contact, etc.

• When students are travelling independently they are responsible to apply for approval here.

• Approval will be granted or denied 7 - 14 days after the submission.

Please review the StFX International Travel and Safety Students to learn more about the responsibilities of students and employees travelling with them.

Who must apply for approval and register:

Students must apply for approval and register when participating in any activity undertaken outside of Canada that is connected to university activities. This includes StFX-organized activities as well as activities organized by another group for which students receive StFX funding. For a full list click here.

How to apply:

Click below to apply for approval to travel.
(Please note this application is due a minimum of 45 days before travel.)
Student International Travel Application Form
Faculty/Staff International Travel Application Form (applicable only when travelling with students)

Once approval is granted, you will be sent the link to the registration form.

How to register:

The registration form will be sent to you after approval.


Student International Travel Application Form (travelling without STFX employee) 
Faculty/Staff International Travel Application Form (travelling with students) 
Student Handbook for International Travel

Waiver for International Travel
Supplemental Waiver for International Travel
International travel Incident Report Form
Permission Letter for Underage Students


StFX Employee Travel Policy
Community Code of Conduct
HR Policy #101 Standards of Conduct section 2.0
Student Union Event Risk Management Policy

Questions? Please contact

International Travel Assessment Committee
Phone: 902-867-5197