International Student Welcome (ISW) Registration January 2018

The purpose of this form is to assist the Office of Internationalization in preparing for your arrival at St.FX University. You must complete this form in order to participate in ISW, and to recieve assistance with travelling from the Halifax airport, to the StFX camous.

Please note: ISO Week is free. There is no cost to students to attend. 

This form is to be submitted online by Monday, December 4th, 2018. If you have any questions, you may contact Donald Rasmussen, at

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Q: I am attending International Student Welcome (ISW), January 2018. When can I move in to my residence?

A: If you have made a deposit to confirm your residence, you may move into residence beginning on Monday, January 1st. Residence buildings will not be open before January 1st. Students who arrive in Antigonish before January 1st, we will not be able to accomodated on campus. ISW activites are held on January 2nd, and classes begin on January 3rd.

If you have any questions about your residence status, please contact the Residence Office

If you are living on campus and are arriving before January 1st, you must find your own accommodations. Hotel accommodations in Antigonish should be booked ahead of time.

See: Hotels in Antigonish

If you are living off campus, you will not be able to stay in residence during ISW (January 1st & 2nd. You must make your own arrangements with your off-campus landlord.


Q: How can I travel from Halifax airport to the StFX campus?

A: StFX will provide transportation from the Halifax airport on January 1st and 2nd. The scheduling of the transportation will be dependent on the arrival times of students. Once all registrations have been completed (December 4th) we will contact students to inform them about the schedule of transportation from the airport, back to StFX.

If you are arriving before, or after the dates specified for ISW, the following options are available for transportation from Halifax Stanfield International Airport to St.FX University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Taxis are not recommended as they cost approximately $300.

- Maritime Bus
- Shuttle 
- Car Rental (Avis, Enterprise, Budget)
- Carpool (Arrange a ride with someone you know)

Q: What if I arrive at the aiport before or after January 1st/2nd? 

If you arrive in Nova Scotia early, you will need to arrange accomodations at your own cost. Please contact Donald Rasmussen at if you need assistance with your travels plans.

Q: Are there hotels near the Halifax airport where I can stay if I arrive earlir than January 1st? 

You can choose to stay near the Halifax airport to await for transportation back to StFX if you arrive early. Hotels near the airport include: 

Alt Hotel 

Quality Inn 

Holiday Inn

Hilton Garden Inn



Q: Where do I go when I get to campus?

StFX provided transportation and Maritime Bus will take you to the Bloomfield Centre on campus. Shuttles may stop at different locations. If you take a shuttle, request to be dropped off at Bloomfield Center, in Antigonish. At Bloomfield Centre, you will get your ID (student identification) and, if you are living on campus, your room keys. You will then be able to settle into your residence room. 

Q: Can my parents/guardian accompany me to campus?

A: Yes your parents/guardians can help you settle in and attend ISW programming, as long as you tell us they are coming. They are however, responsible for their own accommodations. We advise that you book a hotel room as early as possible..

Please complete this form by Monday, December 4th 2017.

If you have any questions, you may write to Donald Rasmussen at


Arrival and Transportation Information

(If you do not have this information, complete the rest of the form and send arrival information when you have it.)

Residence and Course Confirmation