Packing List for International Students



Pack or Purchase


Personal and Important Items



Dried food items such as: Spices, teas, cereal, condiments, coffee etc.




  • Some international students find the food here bland in taste. 
  • If you are packing these things, make sure they are in the original sealed packages and packed in your checked luggage.
  • It is difficult to find a variety of spices/sauces from outside Canada in Antigonish though many items can be found in Halifax.

Prescription medicine

  • Carry all medication in its original package as the customs officials may want to check it at the border. 
  • Bring it in your carry on in case your luggage is delayed.  Bring enough for 2 months if you can


Personal comforts e.g. Music, Pictures, Books, Movies.



Relevant documents from previous schools e.g. transcript, awards, certificates.



Travel Documents_ Photocopy of passport, birth certificate, health card, StFX Letter confirming you are a student, student visa


  • Pack all of these- originals and photocopies-  in your carry on.

Cash- about $200

Debit or credit card- optional



  • Keep cash in your carry-on
  • You can get a debit card from a local bank when you arrive




Camera and Chargers and adaptors





  • Bring them if you have them
  • Available for purchase in Antigonish




Cell phone that can be used in Canada.




  • Optional
  • You can purchase these items here however if you have an unlocked phone, it is best to bring it.
  • Our library has computers for all to use on site.

CSA approved Power Bar/CSA Extension Cord (outlets are limited)


  • Purchase in Antigonish. 
  • To be used in residence as outlets are limited.





  • Useful for long journeys however can be bought in Antigonish 




Robe/ housecoat

Pack or Purchase


    May want this especially in residence with shared rooms and washrooms.

Formal outfits including or traditional clothing from your country.


  • For occasional formal/semi-formal evets such as International Holiday Banquet, Black and White Gala, Chinese New Year (red) etc.



  • We suggest packing at least two until you find places to shop in or around Antigonish.

Tops- long sleeve and short sleeve


  • Weather changes often here so these are good for layering.

Trousers/pants/ jeans


  • Black trousers/ pants are good to have for formal occasions and some work places as part of your uniform

Workout clothing


  • You have free access to the campus fitness centre as part of your fees.




    Students have free access to campus pool

Slippers/ flip flops /chale


Will be useful especially for shared washrooms in residence

Warm boots




  • The weather begins to get cold usually around the end of October. The best boots for the cold have thick soles (keeps distance between your feet and the cold ground) and are waterproof with a warm lining.
  •  Purchase online or in Halifax, Truro, New Glasgow or Antigonish- more options are available outside of Antigonish in the bigger towns.

Tights/thermal wear



  • The weather starts getting cold in later October.  These items are available in Antigonish

Socks, winter hat/touque, mitteng/gloves, scarf.



  • You will definitely need these starting late October to November. Can purchase here but if you have them, bring them.



  • A light jacket that can be worn during warmer weather ( September- October; April to August)

Winter coat

Pack or Purchase


  • If you have one, bring it.  You will definitely need this during several months of the school year. 
  •  If you do not have one, purchase one when you arrive in Canada either at a store or online and ship it to campus.

Residence Suggestions


Note: We recommend that international students purchase these items in Canada so that you do not have excess baggage.


Sheets/blanket/pillow(s) and mattress topper


  • Sheets, blankets, and pillows can be ordered ahead from the STFX bookstore or purchased from a local store when you arrive.
  • Mattress topper is optional- for comfort especially for those in residence.


Pack or purchase


Basket or bag to carry toiletries to and from washrooms




Clothes Hangers




Laundry Bag/Soap




Desk Lamp

Purchase – Optional


Some rooms come equipped with desk lamps - feel free to check with Residence beforehand

Iron/Small Ironing Board




This would be a good shared purchase with a roommate if you have one.

Boot tray



    For wet/salty shoes/boots. Students are not allowed to keep shoes/boots in the hallways

For Suite & Apartment Styles: pots, pans, kitchen utensils etc.


Purchase if necessary


Basic cleaning supplies - disinfect wipes, small broom, swiffer mops/pads


  • You are responsible for keeping your own rooms clean, this includes any private washrooms


 DO NOT bring the following:

  • Large stereo speakers and sub-woofers
  • A telephone (meaning a landline. You can bring your cell phone)
  • Any kitchen appliance with an open element, such as deep fryers, hot plates, toasters, etc.
  • Anything illegal to the Province of Nova Scotia (if it's illegal, leave it at home - even if it isn't illegal where you come from)
  • Pets (with the exception of fish, non-dangerous fish are permitted in aquariums no larger than 15 L)
  • Nails/Tacks/Duct tape (if it can't be hung up with rubber cement, leave it at home)
  • Firearms/Ammunition/Firecrackers/ weapons of any type.
  • Candles or incense. Candles and incense are not allowed to be lit in residence.
  • An alarm clock (there's an app for that)
  • Additional furniture (there's little room for more furniture). All rooms come equipped with a desk chair
  • string lights or mini-lights