Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Bursaries

Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office provides information about: student loan programs, external sources of scholarships, awards and bursaries for both undergraduate and graduate study. The office assists students with their personal financial planning and credit management skills.

Scholarships and Bursaries available to International Students

Once accepted to StFX you will be provided with log-in information and be able to apply for StFX scholarships online at: Your scholarship profile will match you to various awards for which you may be eligible.

*Please note: Only students who have completed a scholarship profile and applied to StFX, with appropriate transcripts, by March 1st will be eligible for scholarships.

Entrance Scholarship

High school average of 85% or higher- $5,000 or $1,250/year for 4 years
High school average of 90% or higher - $7,000 -- 1,750/year for 4 years.

To be eligible for the Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships students must:

  • Apply for admission direct from high school
  • Have completed and application for admission before March 1 which includes first term/semester Grade 12 transcript
  • Be enrolled in 24 credit hours from September to April, and maintain a minimum overall average of 80% to maintain scholarship

International Baccalaureate Scholarship

This scholarship is available to any student in an International Baccalaureate program. Five awards are granted each year. The value of this scholarship is $2,8000 -- $ 7,000/year for 4 years. To be eligible students require a 96% average.

International Scholarship

This scholarship is specifically for international students. There is one position available each year. The value of this scholarship is $2,4000 -- $6,000/year for 4 years. To be eligible, students require a96% average.

In-Course Scholarship

This scholarship is automatically assigned to students. They do not need to apply. In-Course Scholarships are awarded to students who have completed at least one academic year of 24 credits in the fall and winter terms combined towards a first degree. They are awarded on the basis of academic performance at StFX University. A minimum average of 80% is required.

Internal Bursaries

Internal bursaries are mostly funded by alumni within and around Antigonish. They each have their own criteria for student eligibility. Apply for internal bursaries online at:

External Bursaries
External bursaries are mostly funded by banks and other companies. They have criteria than internal bursaries but are more competitive. Learn more at

Visit Financial Aid’s website to learn more about scholarships, bursaries, and loans available to StFX Students.