Get Involved- ISS, Student Union, International Positions

The International Students’ Society

The International Student Society (ISS) is a student-to-student advising and support group. Members also regularly organize fun cultural events such as banquets, game nights, sports teams and trips. Any student, Canadian or international, is welcome to join the society.

The 2017-2018 ISS executive team are:

President: Maria Cordova
Vice President: Jose Cordova
Treasurer: Rushmika Sonah
Secretary: Icing Sangsrichan
Chinese Society Rep: Xiangyu Lu

The ISS Exec members are happy to answer any questions about their experience as international students at StFX or the International Students’ Society activities.

Internationals @ StFX Facebook Page

Join the International Students’ Facebook page to stay up to date with activities, workshops, and events being offered through the ISS, Office of Internationalization, or our partners on and off campus.

StFX Student Union

The Student Union plays a variety of roles to serve the general student population. Visit their website to get involved in societies, the CFXU radio station, the Xaverian Weekly newspaper, to become informed about job opportunities and to become part of Students’ Union executive or council.

We strongly encourage international students to take on various paid and volunteer positions on campus. Your contributions are valuable to the STFX community. Engaging in on-campus organization helps build leadership skills and personal satisfaction in making an impact on decisions affecting campus life.

Positions Focused on International Student Issues

Watch out for these opportunities to be advertised throughout the year by the Office of Internationalization, ISS, and Student’s Union. Join the Facebook Pages: Internationals @ StFX and Student Union to stay informed.

  • International Student Interns (Office of Internationalization; paid)
  • ISO Volunteer Coordinator, International Student Orientation (Office of Internationalization; volunteer)
  • ISO Volunteers, International Student Orientation (Office of Internationalization multiple; volunteer)
  • International Student Representative (Students’ Union Council)
  • Health Plan International Associate (Students’ Union)
  • International student rep. on Schwartz Advisory Board (Schwartz School of Business)
  • International Student Society Positons: (President, Vice President, Public Relations Officer, Tresurer, Chinese Student Association Rep)