Public Policy and Governance Research Centre

We are a multi-purpose primary research centre dedicated to the study of public policy and governance. The Centre encourages debate and investigation of policy questions in the widest sense. It seeks to provide a forum for StFX researchers to share policy interests, collaborate on joint projects and involve student researchers in training opportunities.

Our laboratory space offers an opportunity for faculty and students to access facilities not otherwise available at StFX. Our outreach program promotes policy discussion through occasional seminars and workshops and sponsored lectures.

The underlying organizational paradigm is a condominium, a jointly used space for the benefit of faculty and student researchers engaging with policy and governance questions. A condominium enables a variety of residents to flourish independently while convening on matters of mutual concern. In addition to providing support facilities to academic research teams, the Centre aims to encourage new collaborations and project developments. Current areas of faculty interest range from environmental security, public health and natural resource management to food systems, social and economic policy.