The Department of Biology offers three 3-credit courses at the 100-level (see course descriptions at the bottom of this page):

BIOL 111 – Introductory Cell Biology
BIOL 112 – Diversity of Life
BIOL 115 – Microbes in Human Biology


BIOL 111 and 112
Together, BIOL 111 and 112 provide the 6 credits of foundational course material for further study in Biology. Students who intend to do a major, advanced major or honours degree in Biology must obtain a minimum combined average of 55 in these two courses to be permitted to register in 200-level biology courses for which 111 and 112 are prerequisites.  Students not intending to major in Biology are not required to obtain this course average of 55 to take additional biology courses.

BIOL 111 is a required course for the Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and BIOL 112 is a required course in all programs (both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science) in Interdisciplinary Studies in Aquatic Resources.

BIOL 111 and 112 are required courses for the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health.

Students should note that BIOL 111 is not a prerequisite for 112, so those looking for a 3-credit elective course in second term could register for BIOL 112 (availability permitting) without having completed 111 in first term.

BIOL 111 and 112 are minimum prerequisites for all upper-year courses in the department, other than 220, 221, 222, 251, 252 and 285. (BIOL 252 and 285 have other courses that serve as alternative prerequisites. BIOL 220, 221, 222 and 251 have no prerequisites other than second-year status, though 251 is restricted to students in the programs of Human Kinetics, Human Nutrition, and Nursing.)

BIOL 115

BIOL 115 is a required first-year course for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and is closed to students in all other programs.

Course Descriptions from the Current Academic Calendar

111   Introductory Cell Biology
An introduction to cells, their structure and function, and the techniques used to study them. Provides a basic introduction to cells as the building blocks of all life. Required for all students continuing in biology. Three credits and lab.

112   Diversity of Life
This course emphasizes the interrelationships of living systems and their roles in the global ecosystem. Students explore evolution and the origins of life, organismic diversity, adaptations, and ecology. Human interactions with the diversity of life are considered throughout the course. Basic skills that underpin success as an undergraduate student are also emphasized.  Required for all students continuing in biology. Three credits and lab.

115   Microbes in Human Biology
An introduction to microorganisms from a human perspective for students in the nursing program. Topics include bacterial structure and function, bacterial genetics and antibiotic resistance, and viral structure and infection. Credit will be granted for only one of BIOL 115 or BIOL 215.  Restricted to nursing students.  Three credits and tutorial.

Please refer to Section 9.5 Biology in the Academic Calendar.

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