Classical Studies




The Program in Classical Studies offers two 6-credit courses at the 100-level (see course descriptions at the bottom of this page):

CLAS 110 – Latin I
CLAS 120 – Introductory Greek

These courses may be electives in any program, other than the Diploma in Engineering.

CLAS 110 is normally offered each year, but CLAS 120 is offered only occasionally.

Students contemplating a pair in Classical Studies should note that CLAS 110 and 120 can constitute a pair, even though all 12 credits are at the 100-level.  (This is an exception to the normal pair requirement of a minimum of 6 credits at the 200-level or above.)  Students should also be aware that courses other than CLAS 110 are offered only sporadically, so a Classical Studies pair is not always a possibiity.  Those interested in taking CLAS 110 may therefore only be able to use it as an elective.

Students in the Bachelor of Science and in the Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics degrees should note that they may use 6 credits of Classical Studies as the 6-credit arts subject requirements in their respective programs. Students in the Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition may do the same, allowing Classical Studies to serve as their Arts Y, as long as their Arts X (pair) subjects are from the social sciences.

Course Descriptions from the Current Academic Calendar

110   Latin I
For students with no previous knowledge of Latin, this course will teach a reading command of the language. Recommended for those interested in classical languages, literature, history, philosophy, and religious studies. Six credits.

120   Introductory Greek
The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the basic structural features of classical Greek. In addition to grammar and vocabulary, the class will consider simple texts from classical Greek philosophy and literature as well as from the New Testament. Six credits.


Please refer to Section 9.10 Classical Studies in the Academic Calendar.

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