The Department of Psychology offers one 6-credit course and one 3-credit course at the 100-level:

PSYC 100 – Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 155 – Introduction to Psychology for Nurses

PSYC 100 is a required course for a major, joint major, advanced major, honours, minor, subsidiary, or pair in Psychology.  It is also a required course for the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health.  This course may be an elective in any program, other than the Diploma in Engineering.

PSYC 155 is a required course for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and is closed to students in other programs.

PSYC 100 is a minimum prerequisite for all other courses in the department, other than PSYC 290.


Course Description from the Current Academic Calendar:

100   Introduction to Psychology
A survey of the major topics of psychology and an introduction to the methodology of psychological research. Students are normally expected to be involved with ongoing research in the department by participating in experiments as subjects during the course of the academic year. PSYC 100 cannot be used to fulfill the PSYC 155 requirement in the nursing program.  Six credits.

155   Introduction to Psychology for Nurses
A survey of the major topics of psychology applicable to the health professions, with a focus on age-related changes from conception to adolescence. Special emphasis will be placed on using critical thinking to evaluate scientific research, biological psychology, physical, cognitive and social development, health, stress, and coping, and the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 155, PSYC 100 or PSYC 354. Restricted to students in the B.Sc. Nursing program. Three credits.


Please refer to Section 9.32 Psychology in the Academic Calendar.

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