Industry Liaison and Technology Transfer

The Industry Liaison and Knowledge Transfer Office is a service resource to the research community of St. Francis Xavier University and a bridge for the university to institutional growth and economic development.

The economic and social value of knowledge transfer in general and in particular inventions and software generated from university research, has clearly been demonstrated.

Government agencies that fund university research recognize the increasing potential of this work to be a primary driver of technological innovation and development. Consequently, there is an expectation that Canadian universities make some efforts for the public, and for society at large, to benefit from this public sponsored funding.

University technology transfer offices have grown out of this expectation, and they are charged with providing advice and services to the research community and to provide guidance on issues such as confidential information, ownership of intellectual property and licensing.

Researchers are encouraged to update the ILO on research they are, or may be, engaged in, as well as provide information concerning their research partners, in particular if those partners are outside of the university and represent industry or other commercial interests.

The ILO will provide guidance and advice to faculty, staff and students involved in industrially-sponsored R&D projects by identifying potential barriers regarding ownership of intellectual property, confidentiality (i.e., publication-related) and commercial exploitation rights.