Student Research Day


Showcasing research and advanced studies

The annual Student Research Day held each March is a university-wide forum showcasing student research and advanced studies at StFX.

The Twelfth Annual Student Research Day will be held in the Keating Millennium Centre, Conference Rooms A, B, C (poster presentations), and in the Executive Board Room (oral presentations) on Thursday, March 27, 2014.

Important Timelines:

Title of Presentation: Please submit your title of presentation, name, department, supervisor, preferred presentation time, etc. as noted on the submission form (please use the appropriate form) on or before - February 21, 2014 to Angie Kolen via email

If you are planning on presenting a poster, please use this form (poster presentation).

If you are planning on presenting a talk/paper, please use this form (oral presentation).

Abstracts or Summaries of Presentation: Please submit an abstract or summary of your presentation on or before March 14, 2014 to Angie Kolen ( using the format as described in the attached form. The same form is used form either an abstract or summary.

Where are they now – what do they have to say?

Former Student Research Day presenters and Award winners (2002-2010) share their student research day experiences and update us as to what they are doing now in this PowerPoint presentation.

Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts/Summaries

Submitting Title of Poster Presentation

Submitting Title of Oral Presentation


Contact Angie Kolen: