StFX Overhead Policy Document (Article 2.7.2)


1.0 When a research contract is being drawn up between a Faculty member and government or industry, the conditions and calculations described in the clauses below shall be adopted.

2.0 Before the financial portion of any research contract is negotiated, consultation shall take place between the Faculty member, the Academic Vice-President and Provost, and the Comptroller.

3.0 The Academic Vice-President and Provost in consultation with the Comptroller shall be responsible for the final calculation of the amounts to be included in the research contract.

4.1 When a Principal Investigator’s time is included as an item in the cost of the research contract, the time and schedule used shall be agreed upon by the Academic Vice-President and Provost, the Dean, and the Principal Investigator.

4.2 The Principal Investigator’s salary paid from the research contract shall be reported by the University on T4A slips to Revenue Canada.

5.0 All research contracts between a Faculty member and government or industry shall contain a 40% non-salary overhead charge unless the government or industry has a different policy on overheads or the Academic Vice-President and Provost agrees to waive the overhead charge.

5.1 In cases where the contracting agency has no fixed policy on overheads, the normal distribution of overheads shall be 10% to the research program of the Faculty member, 15% to the Department, 40% to the University’s General Revenue Fund, and 35% to a fund for the enhancement of the University’s academic and research programs to be administered by the Academic Vice- President and Provost. This fund shall be designated for research infrastructure support, (e.g., RGO, ILO, emergency research equipment needs) for academic/pedagogic development, and for top up to UCR.

6.0 Cost over-runs on contract items, exclusive of the overhead, shall be charged against the Principal Investigator’s salary.

1 Page 102-103 First Collective Agreement Between The Board f Governors of St. Francis Xavier University and the St. Francis Xavier Association of University Teachers, July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2009