Centre for Regional Studies

The Centre for Regional Studies (CRS) at St. Francis Xavier University was established in 1984 at the initiative of the University's Extension Department. Funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council is used in the day-to-day functioning of the Centre. The CRS promotes research related to the social, political, economic, cultural and historical dimensions of Atlantic Canadian life. Each spring and autumn, an internal competition is held for the purpose of awarding research funds. The ongoing involvement of the Extension Department offers a channel through which community concerns can be brought to the Faculty and research results can be brought to the community.

The Centre is aligned with both the academic and social goals of the University, through its mandate to promote research into the social, economic, cultural and political issues of relevance to Atlantic Canada, and to eastern Nova Scotia in particular.

The Centre is also committed to collaborative work with groups and organizations within the region, and to sharing the results of research. It has stimulated a broad array of humanities and social science explorations, which have highlighted important but often neglected dimensions of local and community life. Not only has this resulted in new avenues of scholarship but it has also nurtured an expanding network of academic investigators and contributed, through the employment of undergraduate student employers, to the training and mentoring of a significant number of emerging young scholars. The CRS Board administers its program by holding annual rounds of competitive adjudication for scholarly support. Eligible activities include academic research projects, workshops, seminars, conferences and occasional travel.

Inquiries and applications may be directed to the Chair of the CRS Board:

Douglas Brown
Political Science, Nicholson Tower 722 
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, NS Canada, B2G 2W5
Tel. 902-867-3910