Board Members

Members of the Board

The Centre for Regional Studies (CRS) will consist of nine (9) Board Members. The CRS Board shall include:

  • One (1) Chair, who shall be a member of the Faculty of Arts, Business or Education to oversee research related matters and the day-today operation of the CRS. This position will also involve preparation of the research grant to SSHRC (every three years). If deemed necessary, a co-chair arrangement is acceptable
  • Five (5) additional Faculty of Arts, Business or Education members and one (1) Extension Department member.  The primary responsibility of board members is to critically peer-review the grant applications.  This is to be done in accordance with the “Grant Policy Guidelines.”
  • Director, Research Grants Office (ex-officio)
  • All terms on the CRS Board are for a period of three (3) years, normally starting September 1 of the year.
  • New members of the Board shall be nominated by the existing Board and appointed by the President.
  • Board members for 2012-2013
    • Douglas Brown, Political Science (Chair)
    • John Blackwell, Director, Research Grants Office (ex officio)
    • Jim Cameron, History
    • Maureen Coady, Adult Education
    • Gabrielle Durepos, Business Administration
    • Clare Fawcett, Anthropology
    • Pauline MacIntosh, Extension Department
    • Greg Tzack, Economics