Research Funding

Funding agencies require proposals that are clearly written, in a style suitable for reviewers who frequently read dozens of applications in a short period of time. A well-written application is more likely to be funded than an application that reviewers struggle to understand. Specific funding agencies and programs also often have particular requirements concerning eligibility, budget preparation etc. that require careful attention before submission.
Research Grants Office (RGO) and Industry Liaison Office (ILO) staff can:
  • Provide guidance on the funding agency's program requirements.
  • Assist with creating a plain-language summary suitable for a general audience.
  • Provide direction on the proposal writing process.
  • Assist with budget formulation and justification.

Edit documents to:

  • Create consistent flow and voice when more than one person has contributed writing.
  • Provide constructive feedback on style and formatting.
  • Ensure the language and style is suitable for the intended audience.
  • Improve wording to make the application clear and concise.
  • Correct grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • Eliminate jargon and overly technical language.
  • Provide technical assistance with formatting complex documents and using online systems.
  • Help prepare or secure institutional letters of support.
  • Review drafts against the funder’s requirements for content and presentation and provide feedback as needed.
  • Verify that the application is complete before final submission to the funder.
Applications for research funding should be provided to the Research Services Group for review once a first draft of the entire application package. The earlier, the better!
For funding programs with specific deadlines (e.g. tri-agency annual competitions), submission of the complete draft application package is typically due to the Research Grants Office (RGO) for review at least four weeks prior to the agency's deadline. For other funding agencies, please contact the RGO, ILO, or office of the AVPRGS as appropriate to determine if an earlier internal deadline applies.
Applications should be submitted to the RSG via email and should include the following: 
  • The funding agency and program to which you are applying. Provide a link to the program’s website if it is not a tri-council application.
  •  Digital copies of the application files. Microsoft Word is the preferred format for any free-form attachments. Working with Word files allows the RSG to easily and clearly indicate revisions using track changes, which reduces the time required for you to implement edits. Online forms can be sent in Adobe PDF format.