How To Apply for Funding

Research Application Procedures and Administration  

  • All researchers wishing to apply for external funding should consult with the Director of Research Grants well in advance of the submission deadline. Planning ahead will allow time to consider all relevant avenues of support and to deal with unexpected problems.
  • All external applications for research funding must be processed through the Research Grants Office (RGO) or the Industry Liaison Office (ILO). This practice ensures that applications are complete, appropriately formatted, and not in conflict with other funding initiatives. After reviewing a grant application, the Director of Research Grants will prepare and sign an internal form recommending the application for institutional signature(s). 
  • All final applications for research projects (grants, contracts, contribution agreements etc) that will be administered by StFX (i.e. requiring the creation of a research account; requiring research approvals such as Research Ethics Board etc.) must be approved by the Associate Vice President, Research and Graduate Studies (AVPRGS) or Academic Vice President and Provost (AVP) prior to submission.
  • The StFX Research Application Research Project Application Checklist (RPAC) and sign-off form must be delivered to the AVPRGS along with the required hard copy pages for all applications submitted through/by StFX.  This form provides the basic information required by the RSG for ROMEO Data Entry (ROMEO is the StFX Research Information Database system).

  • All research funding applications/proposals must bear the signatures of the applicant(s), the Department Chair, the Dean/Director, and the institutional signing authority (AVPRGS or AVP). 
  • All external applications should be submitted to the Research Office 4 weeks prior to the funding agency's deadline. Allowing this lead time is especially important, for example, when numerous NSERC and SSHRC applications are being processed at once.
  • Copies of all correspondence with external funding agencies must be filed with the Research Office.
  • The University and Grant Holders are jointly responsible for the proper use of research funds from the Federal Granting Agencies.