Industry Liaison Office, Contracts and Knowledge Transfer

Andrew Kendall
307 Nicholson Tower
(902) 867-3660

The StFX ILO has a university-wide responsibility for technology transfer and intellectual property management that involves the evaluation and facilitation of the transfer of StFX inventions to the private sector for the benefit of the public and the university and our researchers.

We serve to protect the interests of all parties during the process of idea commercialization, and work in conjunction with the Research Grants Office, which provides advice to the university with respect to research funding opportunities, as well as develops and maintains contacts with government agencies, funding agencies and the private sector.

The ILO performs the following functions:

Provides industry with improved access to StFX's expertise and facilities

Increases researchers' awareness of intellectual property (IP) and contract issues, the commercialization process and receptor capacity

Accesses expertise and databases through collaboration with other technology transfer offices and industry needs

Assists faculty in developing collaborative projects with industry and in obtaining sponsored research contracts

Conducts initial technology assessments; protect and commercialize intellectual property

Assists in negotiating research agreements and grants with investors, industry, and government agencies

Implements StFX's IP Policy and develops other policies and procedures to inform and protect all parties during the commercialization process