Research, Innovation and Knowledge Mobilization

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Research Services Group

The Research Services Group (RSG) at St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) is an umbrella group, which includes the Research Grants Office (RGO), the Industry Liaison Office (ILO), and the Research Operations Office (ROO). Administration of research at StFX is managed by the RSG under the direction of Dr. Richard Isnor, Associate Vice President Research & Graduate Studies. The RSG works with faculty, students, funding agencies and external research partners to support, grow and encourage a vibrant culture of research at StFX.

Research Grants Office: The RGO provides pre-award administrative services to the StFX community, including research grant funding opportunities, application development and processes, and internal/external research policies and procedures.  The RGO also edits the Research Services Newsletter.

Industry Liaison Office: The ILO serves as the bridge for researchers and entrepreneurs to collaborate effectively with industry and the marketplace, investors, and government. The ILO offers pre-award support for research contracts and contribution agreements, and pre- and post-award support for technology transfer.

Research Operations Office: The ROO provides post-award support to faculty for grants and contracts, and liaises with the StFX Finance Office and certification boards.