Contracts and Overhead Charges

All research funding applications that are to be administered by StFX should include administrative overhead charges wherever applicable.  Some research funding programs do not permit overhead charges (e.g. federal tri-agency funding programs, since universities receive these through the federal Research Support Fund).  Some funding agencies and programs have fixed percentages of overhead charges that can be applied in a given research application.
The StFX – AUT Collective agreement outlines a Policy on Research Contracts that specifies some of the requirements, procedures, and rates for inclusion of university overhead charges associated with research projects funded by government agencies or industry.  Applicants for any research funding should verify with the Research Services Group whether overhead charges should be included in any research application being submitted for funding prior to submission.  The RSG is in the process of establishing an updated set of university guidelines on overhead charges that can apply to different types of research funding applications. Research involving contracts and intellectual property rights should be discussed with the Manager of the Industry Liaison Office well in advance of any formal discussions or contract negotiations with external partners. 

Please Consult the following Documents for Information Regarding Research Contracts and Overhead Charges to be Included in Research Applications:

Any potential contractual arrangement regarding research  involving the use of  University facilities or infrastructure, or the commercialization or reassignment  of intellectual property should be discussed with the Manager of the Industry Liaison Office, prior to opening discussions with any external partner.