Community Partnerships

StFX University has a long and proud tradition of community involvement and innovation. The Antigonish Movement sparked decades of innovation in Northeastern Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and around the globe.  The strong innovative spirit and community values of StFX have been the cornerstone of the university for over 150 years. StFX offers unparalleled opportunities for learning, interaction with faculty, hands-on research experience, exchange programs, and, integral to the StFX mission, community service. That mixture—acting small but thinking big—is one of the key reasons StFX continues to produce leaders of all types, including Rhodes scholars, world-renowned scientists, business pioneers and a Canadian Prime Minister.
There is no doubt that research being conducted at StFX and in the surrounding community, as well as the motivations of StFX Students offers opportunities for innovation and social development.  The StFX Industry Liaison Office, Extension Department, Coady International Institute, Service Learning, and Co-Op Office are all extensively involved in developing community research partnerships at StFX University.