Post-award management of research

Research Project Financial Administration (Post-Award) Services

The Research Operations Officer (in the Research Services Group) along with staff in Finance and the Research Ethics Board help to provide research project financial administration services.  The main functions of research project financial administration (Post-Award) services are to:

  • Provide oversight of research funds, including administering account opening (grants and contracts), monitoring balances and eligible activity, reviewing transactions for approval, financial reporting to external funding bodies and senior management, and developing and promoting funding agency and StFX policies and procedures.
  •  Provide information and advice to the research community on account/project specific queries, as well as general procedural or policy queries.
  •  Research accounts include funds 90XXX, inclusive. All queries for these accounts should come to the Research Services Group or Chantal MacIsaac in Finance.
  •  For each new research grant or contract awarded, a new research account must be established.  Normally, the grant-holder or principal investigator on a contract will be the account holder (i.e., will have primary signing authority on the account). 
  •  The RSG is in the process of creating new guidelines on the creation of research accounts.  Research projects requiring Research Ethics Board or other (Biosafety Committee, Animal Care Committee) certifications will have to have these approved before the new research account can be created. 
  •  The StFX ROMEO database will be used to link and track Research Ethics and other certifications to research project applications as part of the research account creation process.
  •  Additional policies will be created to govern and limit over-expenditures on research accounts.