Frequently Asked Questions

  1. All external applications should be submitted to the Research Office 4 weeks prior to the funding agency's deadline. Allowing this lead time is especially important, for example, when numerous NSERC and SSHRC applications are being processed at once.

  2. Once the application is completed, obtain a “Recommendation of Research Grant Application for Institutional Signature” form from the RGO, to be signed by the applicant and chair and then returned to the RGO.

  3. Applications procedures differ for different awards. Check the relevant website for information when planning to make an application. Contact the RGO for details.

  4. Important deadlines can be found at

  5. All applications to external agencies must be approved by the university. Go to
    or contact the RGO for details.

  6. Information on contracts can be found at Information on contracts can be found at

  7. The Research Operations Officer should be informed of any significant delays on starting or completing a project for which funding has been received.

  8. External funding opportunities can be found at

  9. Please visit the following links to view internal and external funding opportunities.

  10. All research involving human subjects must receive Research Ethics Board Approval. Please visit for further information.

  11. Download an Application Form - please consult the two following documents:
    'Invitation to Participate’ and ‘Consent Forms' contain sample forms and useful REB checklist
    Changes to Applications that are commonly requested by the StFX REB

  12. All research involving vertebrates and cephalopods must receive approval from the Animal Care Committee. Please visit for further information.

  13. All research involving use of biohazards or human pathogens must receive approval from the Biosafety Committee. Please visit for further information.

  14. On approval of a grant including ethics or other required certification, the Finance Department creates an account and informs the grantee of the account number.