Intellectual Property (IP) at StFX

Inventors (faculty, staff, students) have the option of assigning right, title, and interest in their IP to StFX, in exchange for access to funding, IP protection, commercialization assistance, the drafting and monitoring of agreements, and a share of commercialization proceeds. It is important to investigate, discuss, and document IP ownership in the early stages of a project, to help manage expectations and avoid future disagreements. 
The Industry Liaison Office can assist inventors with the following items: 
  • IP Ownership: Advise on the different collective agreements, policies, and guidelines that affect IP ownership for faculty, staff and students at UNB. 
  • Inventorship: Explain the differences between inventors and contributors and how these differences impact patent applications, assignment agreements, etc. 
  • IP Protection: Identify and define different types of intellectual property and methods for protecting this IP (such as patents, trade-marks, etc.). 
  • Patenting Best Practices: Advise on best practices related to patenting, including keeping information confidential, publication and disclosure guidelines, timelines, costs, etc. 
  • Commercialization Process: Manage the process (internal steps) involved in protecting and commercializing intellectual property when inventors assign their IP to StFX.
Key Points:
Please do not sign anything without discussing with the Industry Liaison Office – In order for an agreement to be binding, all documents must be signed by the AVPRGS or the AVP on behalf of StFX. This authority is granted only by the President.