Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship-Masters (CGS-M)

Internal Adjudication at St. Francis Xavier University

To be eligible, students must:
  • be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada;
  • be enrolled in or have applied for full-time admission* to an MSc. Program at St.FX. Note: applicants who are not currently enrolled must submit an application and be accepted before being eligible to accept the CGS-M award;
  • have completed, as of December 31, 2014, between 0-12 months of full-time studies (or full-time equivalent) in the master’s program for which funding is being requested;
  • not have previously held a CGS-M award;
  • have achieved a first-class average in each of the last two completed years of study (full-time equivalent); andsubmit a maximum of one CGS-M application per year (the Research Portal will allow the application to be submitted to up to five institutions).
* - the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS M) Award Holder's Guide contains details regarding part-time admission.
Application Deadline: December 1.
Applications must be submitted on-line using the Tri-Agency Research Portal.

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