Associate Vice-President Research Office

Richard Isnor D.Phil.
Associate Vice-President Research & Graduate Studies
306 Nicholson Tower
(902) 867-5036

Works with faculty and members of the senior administration, and liaises with other institutions and external agencies in matters related to planning and policy for the support of research as an integral part of the academic life of the University. Also co-ordinates graduate studies and scholarships.

Elizabeth Leighton
Administrative Assistant
308 Nicholson Tower
(902) 867-2393

Assistant to the Associate Vice-President Research: Provides administrative support to the Associate Vice-President in all matters related to the running of the office and support of research on the StFX campus.

Dianne Edmond
Research Operations Officer
305 Nicholson Tower
(902) 867-5712

Provides post-award support to faculty for grants and contracts, liaises with the financial office and certification boards, and provides advice to the Associate Vice-President in matters of policy relating to compliance with grant and contract terms and conditions.