Standing Committee on Research (Research Advisory Committee)

The Committee advises on University policy and practices related to research as follows:
  • Act as an advisory board for the Associate Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies, including but not limited to advice on evaluation of progress in research and celebration of research
  • Develop and support policies and programs that encourage research by St. Francis Xavier University faculty, as well as by graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Provide review and/or decisions on allocation internal student and faculty research funds as required by the Associate Vice President, Research and Graduate Studies or the Academic Vice President and Provost.
  • Review, advise and make recommendations to the appropriate academic committees (General faculty, AP&P, Senate, etc.)
  • Advise and make recommendations on research matters referred to the Committee by Senate
  • Advise on University Services and overhead in support of research
  • Advise on Outward policies of the University regarding research, particularly the Strategic Research Plan
  • Review and advise on the creation of new Research Centres and Institutes, and the appointment of Directors of these
  • Advise on the disbursement of Research Chairs
  • Advise on strategies to attain objectives and maximize funding
  • Review and advise on effective communication and dissemination internally and externally about research at StFX, including but not limited to the Research Website.

    Research Advisory Committee TOR

    Membership of the StFX Research Advisory Committee