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What to bring and what not to bring:

 (Semi Private Room in Governors Hall)


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About: Room Assignments

How are residence assignments handled?
Can I room with someone I already know?
Can I find out who my roommate is?
What if I want a different room assignment?
How do I get a single room?
How can I cancel my room assignment?

After you confirm your attendance to StFX by paying your $100 confirmation fee to Admissions, contact for more information. 
Both applicants must name each other as their roommate preference. Email

Can I find out who my roommate is?
Email Before we can release any information other than your roommate's name, they will first need to get in touch with your roommate for permission - this may take a few days.

Contact with your top building and room type preference to be placed on a transfer list. You must still accept your assigned room by the given date (June 1st, if you're a new student) to keep a room on campus.

How do I get a single room?
Contact Single rooms are assigned to students based on your application date. 


New & Returning Students
If you notify Residence Services ( that do not intend to take your confirmed room in Residence, a room forfeiture fee will be charged and/or you will be responsible for a percentage or all of your room and meal plan fees.

Please read your Residence Contract carefully. If you are considering vacating your residence room, first discuss the possibility with the Residence Office to understand your financial commitment and penalities.