Who's Who in Residence

Resident Assistants (RAs)


RAs are student staff who live in all of the traditional and suite style residences here at StFX.  They are a primary resource for all residence students who promote an inclusive, safe and secure environment for our students on campus. RAs design programs based on student needs that are conducive to meeting the academic, social and personal development needs of our students. RAs have a wealth of knowledge for our students and are aware of campus resources to ensure our students personal and academic success.

 Hall Directors (HDs)


HDs are senior student staff that work closely with the students in residence to establish an inclusive, positive, fun and safe environment for all students. Hall Directors assist the Residence Life Coordinators in leadership of the Residence Life Team. They are highly visible, approachable and a great resource for all students in their respective building. HDs work directly with the RLCs and the Manager of Student Life to plan programs, provide peer support, promote education of the Community Code, establish positive living and learning communities and assist in after hours support.


Residence Life Coordinator (RLCs)


Left to Right Residence Life Coordinators: Olivia Winder, Tyler McKone, Miriam Illman-White

 At StFX we have 3 full time Residence Life Coordinators who are professional staff that reside on campus. Their primary role is to foster a living learning environment that compliments the academic goals of students and facilitates the development of students’ personal and social skills. They provide leadership directly to each residence life staff teams, provide individual support to our students, implement programs, and work collaboratively with campus departments to meet the needs of our students.


 Manager of Student Life (MSL)


The Manager of Student Life works with the Residence Life Leadership team closely to support the overall on campus experience for our residence students. She reports directly to the Director of Student Life and works closely with the RLCs and the Res Staff to meet the needs of our residence students and maintain an environment that promotes a positive living and learning community for our students.


Shannon Travers

Phone: 902.867.5856