Employer and Graduate School Information


Advertising a Job? 

Please email your employment opportunity to scc@stfx.ca


NS Employers Hiring International Students 

Hiring an international student or graduate has many benefits to an employer. Not only are they bringing on an educated employee, but they’re providing a student and/or graduate with the opportunity to heighten their experience and appreciation of Canada, making it a worthwhile investment in the labour force of the future. Visit NS Immigration website for more information. 

Research and Development Funding Opportunities

There are many federal and government funding opportunities for employers to hire students. For a list of potential funding resources, please see the StFX Research Services Group website

One example is the Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Awards (IUSRA) 


Booking Information Sessions/Kiosk

Starting in September 2013, the StFX Student Career Centre is no longer booking employer/school information sessions or kiosks. Please contact STFX Conference services for booking requests.

The following will be provided by the Conferences and Special Events Department to the Employer/School:
-          FEES: Will follow Conference Services fee schedule and room/venue rental rates
-          A space that is convenient to reach their target audience
-          1 x 6’ table, covered and skirted (if applicable based on location)
-          Conference Services will coordinate any catering requests the Employer/School has directly with Sodexo
-          Will invoice the Employer/Graduate/Professional school directly
The contact information for Employers/Schools will be:
-          Telephone:  902-867-5245
-          Email: conference@stfx.ca

Please note: Starting in September 2011, we will no longer accept posters and brochures to advertise employer or graduate school events. Instead, we have adopted more environmentally friendly avenues to promote events on-campus. If you have an electronic version of your poster we will be delighted to pass that along to students.

As of 2008, any employer looking to book a kiosk or room (outside of our primary classroom buildings) will be charged a fee.

Catering at STFX Menu Items

If you are having your event catered, please inform the SCC. Once the employer and SCC have booked the date, time, and location, the employer will need to order catering through our Conference Services. If the SCC has booked room 190 in the Gerald Schwartz School, catering will be setup in room 183 (down the hall from the classroom). Employers are encouraged to conduct their presentation in room 190 and after the presentation, move to room 183 for meet/greet/refreshments.

Ethical Recruitment

CACEE Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment for Employers: This document sets out guidelines for ethical recruitment at post-secondary educational institutions. These guidelines are intended to provide a framework for the professional relationships between employers, students, third party recruiters and career educators. The guidelines are based on industry research, have been generally agreed upon by employers and educators, and are advocated by CACEE for national implementation.

Attention visiting Graduate Schools

Effectively immediately the StFX Student Career Centre (SCC) has changed how it organizes visiting graduate schools. The following guidelines are meant to facilitate a collegial and mutually-respectful recruitment environment.

Information Kiosks (Drop-in sessions)
Kiosks are organized within a classroom or room on campus. Kiosks are no longer set up/facilitated in public or common student areas.

Information Sessions
Information sessions are organized within a classroom on-campus for a specific time (60 to 90 minutes). Scheduling is dependant on class timetable of targeted students and classroom availability. The SCC will work with the visiting graduate school to select a time that is convenient for students and the visiting school.

Promotional Material Restrictions
Promotional displays, banners, etc. must clearly state which grad programs/schools the university is promoting. Displaying a “general university banner” is not permitted. Handouts and application packages must accompany promoted programs. Recruiting for undergraduate programs is strictly prohibited.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Career Centre.

 Please note: As of August 2011, we DO NOT accept posters or brochures  for environmental reasons.  If you want something sent to students you MUST send via email.

Want to increase your recruitment success while at StFX? The SCC has prepared the following document that outlines SCC services.