Developer New Grad 2018

Who is Starling Solutions?
Starling is a Halifax-based IT consulting company. We provide NetSuite ERP implementation,
customization, and consulting services to customers across North America.
What is the opportunity?
To join a fast-moving, dynamic, and growing niche company. There will be several
opportunities for advancement, skill improvement, and career development.
You will be responsible for development of a new product offering. The product has already
been designed and will require your diligence and skills to complete the build.
You will be learning valuable skills in addition to programming. You will be exposed to
manufacturing, accounting, financial consolidation, and other business processes.
The position is in Halifax, NS.
What are the key job functions of this role?
1.) Design software solutions for business problems
2.) Vet proposed solutions with peers
3.) Solution development
4.) Solution documentation
5.) Introduction of new tools, services, and frameworks
6.) Implementation of software development best practices
7.) Other technical functions as needs change
You will report to the Director of Technical Services.
Who are we looking for?
Developers with a passion for their craft and a desire to create elegant solutions. We look
particularly for the following:
1.) Fluency and proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
2.) Organization (both personal organization and code organization)
Experience with SQL, Git (or other version control), ERP, accounting, operations, or
manufacturing is a plus but not required.
Anything else applicants should know?
We are looking for a long-term employee to join our team and become a member of the Starling
family. You must be authorized to work in Canada.
How do I apply?
Send your resume and salary requirements to .

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Wed, 2017-09-27 - Fri, 2017-10-20


Starling Solutions

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How do I apply?
Send your resume and salary requirements to .