Immersion Service Learning - Interdisciplinary Studies 305 (IDS 305)

Aimed at 3rd and 4th year students
Offered:  Second Term (January 2016)
Course Coordinator:  Donna MacDonald

"My Immersion experience was amplified immensely because of my research before and my focus while I was there"    IDS 305 student


The course involves independent writing of a major academic essay, with the support of a service learning instructor, a faculty advisor and peers (peer response).
As a student in IDS 305, you will an opportunity to
·       learn more about the country you will be visiting, before you visit
·       read and write about a topic related to your immersion experience, both before and after your visit
·       take time to reflect deeply on your immersion experience
·       gain guided experience in writing an in-depth academic essay
Your project will combine an essay (minimum 20 pages) using academic references with focused reflection on your Immersion trip experiences. You will submit an in-depth essay with personal reflections.
Essay proposal & outline                               10%
Class participation & Oral presentation        15% (peer responses, paper drafts, presentation)
Final paper                                                      75% (35% grade from IDS instructor/40% grade from faculty  advisor)



Due dates for graded assignments: 
Paper & outline of paper                                January 26, 2014
Oral presentation                                            March 18, 2014
Final paper                                                      April 10, 2014
 (see other deadlines below)


Course Instructor
The Course Instructor is responsible for designing the course components, teaching and mentoring students in group and individual sessions, communicating with Faculty Advisors about course requirements and faculty roles, and evaluating work submitted at specified times during the term. The Course Instructor assigns 60% of the final grade (10% for the essay proposal, 10% for the oral presentation, 5% class participation, and 35% for the final essay). The Course Instructor collects the grade assigned by the Faculty Advisor and compiles the final grades and forwards them to the Registrar’s office at the end of term.
Faculty Advisor
A Faculty Advisor acts as an advisor on the content of the essay (assist in advising related to academic references) and as an outside reader of the final essay. Forty per cent (40%) of the final grade is assigned by a faculty supervisor (for the final essay). The student meets with the Faculty Advisor to discuss and agree upon the area of interest/topic in which the essay will be written. (First week of January). The Faculty Advisor gives the student feedback on his or her paper proposal on or before (January 21), comments on a first draft of the paper (February 11, prior to the Immersion trip), and grades the final paper (April 10).
Faculty Leader
The faculty leader traveling with the student group is informed about the student’s involvement in the course and consulted about the student’s essay topic while traveling. 
The student consults with his or her faculty advisor and course instructor throughout the term. The student is expected to
  • Be an active participant in class (discussions, peer reviews)
  • Work independently
  • Think critically about a topic, using academic references, experience and reflection
  • Implement an essay / writing plan
  • Use effective writing strategies
  • Hone your composition and writing skills
  • Use the writing and documenting conventions of a specific discipline.

IDS 305 Schedule 2014: Classes and Assignments
1.     January 7
2.     January 21
3.     February 11
4.     March 18 (public presentations)
Individual Meetings with Instructor (sign-up sheet for date and time):
Meeting 1 – Jan. 28 & 30
Meeting 2 - February 18 & 20
January 7 - Class 1               
·       Work-Study Abroad Courses in International Development Studies: Some Ethical and Pedagogical Issues: by Marc EpprechtCanadian Journal of Development Studies
·        Introductions: students and essay topics
·        Overview of course – Servicelearning reading
·        Overview of the essay writing process
·        Assign peer response partners
·        Sign-up for student meetings
Preparation for second class - Assignment Phase #
·        Obtain Advisor agreement
·        Choose a topic with your advisor and narrow it down to an essay question/thesis statement
·        Find central academic references
·        Write your essay proposal
·        Write a detailed outline of your essay
·        Submit a copy to your advisor for feedback on or before January 21.
*other recommended course readings will be emailed
January 21 – Class 2
·        READING: 
·        Present your proposal and outline to class for peer and instructor input  class 2 (peer reviews)
Preparation for Individual meeting - Assignment Phase #2 
·        Revise your proposal and outline based on your consideration of the feedback you received from your peer responder, instructor and your faculty advisor – submit revisions to instructor via email by: January –(last week)- (this proposal and outline will be graded)
January 28 & 30 – Meeting 1 Student-instructor   Proposal and outline             
Student preparation
·       Submit revisions prior to meeting via email (January 26)
·       Bring any comments (written or oral) from advisor to meeting
·       Come prepared to discuss progress on your essay and a plan for the next stages
Preparation for third class: Assignment Phase #3   First draft and reflection questions
Write first draft (due February 11)
·        Modify your outline as you proceed with your paper
·        Collect and organize information for each section of your outline. This can be bulleted or full sentences. The important thing is to keep a clear sense of structure
·        Identify further information needs
·        Develop reflection questions that can help you explore the places you would like more information and that help you think critically about your topic
·        Develop reflection questions to consider during your immersion service learning trip
February 7Initiate peer response - email first Draft to instructor and peer            
Send first draft electronically to response partner (cc. Instructor) no later than February 7
·        Read your response partner’s first draft and prepare to give feedback on meaning and structure (compose response in writing on forms provided)
February 11  Class 3
·        READING: 
o   Developing Habits of Reflection for Meaningful Learning Morris Fiddler, Catherine Marienau  
·        Peer response of first draft: Peer response discussions about first draft and personal reflections questions at the meaning and organization level
February 14 Assignment Phase #4              Revised first draft
·        Submit first draft with changes, and peer response comments to instructor electronically
February 18 & 20 – Meeting 2 Student-instructor meeting          
·       Discuss revised first draft and reflection instructor
*Immersion Service Learning Trips (Except Belize) -Date
March 14, 2014 - Submit presentation draft to course instructor via email
March 18 -Class 4    final essay presentation  & peer response (Graded)         
·        Presentations
·        Peer response discussions about final draft (meaning and organization)
April 4 Assignment Phase #5 Draft final report with reflection components       
·        Incorporate the reflections of your immersion experience into your draft
·        Evaluate and write about the information you found in the literature in light of your immersion experience
·        Incorporate further academic references, if needed
·        Revise your second draft paying attention to content, structure and grammar in light of peer responses, and instructor and faculty advisor feedback
April 10 Assignment Phase #6        Final paper:75% (35% instructor, 40% faculty advisor)
Overview of IDS 305 dates (2014) for your calendar/agenda
1.     Jan 7                                       class 1
2.     Jan 21                                     class2
3.     Jan26                                      proposal due (email)
4.     Jan 28 or 30                           meeting 1
5.     Feb 7                                       email 1st draft (email)
6.     Feb 11                                     class 3
7.     Feb 14                                     submit revisions (email)
8.     Feb 18 or 20                           meeting 2
9.     Mar 14                                    presentation draft (email)
10. Mar 18                                    class 4
11. Apr 4                                       draft of final  (email)
12. Apr 10                                     FINAL revised paper due