“Service Learning provides our business student with an opportunity to learn the importance and impact of accounting information on people’s lives and behavior. Students sincerely appreciate the opportunity service learning provides to assist and learn in their community, to learn that they have learned and to feel that their work does make a difference.”

“Service Learning not only provides varied opportunities for students to see the relevance of their academic study by applying their knowledge and skills in community service, it also challenges professors to relate concepts and principles to current community and societal issues. This is of particular importance in a professional program such as human nutrition.”


“I believe that I can take my experiences and apply them to many different situations in the future.”

“The hands on experience was excellent. It was definitely one of the best learning experiences I’ve had while at X.”


“Service Learning students allow us to embark on enterprises that we would not have the time or staff to do otherwise. I see the program as a real win-win situation for everyone involved.”

“Students bring new ideas and enthusiasm to our daycare. At the same time, they have positive experiences interacting with and learning about young children. Everyone benefits.”