Academic Program of Excellence at X

APEX is a mandatory program for students on probation who have chosen to return to StFX. This course is designed to support students as they improve their academic standing.

APEX helps students:

  • Improve critical thinking
  • Develop stronger ideas
  • Write more clearly
  • Document sources properly
  • Manage their time more efficiently
  • Acquire effective study strategies

Students attend 4 one-to-one meetings with any Student Success Centre instructor over the entire academic year (twice per term) and 6 workshops in the fall term.

The APEX program is free of charge. Please note: You will be placed in APEX on Banner; you are responsible to attend a meeting with your Apex instructor during the first or second week of September (as assigned), during which time you will be placed in a time block for workshops.


For more information contact the Student Success Centre at 902-867-5221 or