STFX 101 is a set of workshops that provide instruction on valuable academic skills, for students transitioning from high school to university, those who have taken a break from studies, as well as for those already immersed in their studies at StFX and looking to improve their skills.

Time Management                                                                                                   75 min.

decoding syllabi; building your schedule; grade awareness & calculation; setting priorities; structuring your time; & avoiding procrastination

·      Bring your laptop (if you have one), course schedule, course syllabi, any calendar/day timer/app that you now use, and a record of the grades already earned in your current courses

Note-taking & Studying                                                                                        75 min.

note-taking techniques; retention and review; how to study so that you don’t have to study; finding your own best practices

·      Bring an assigned reading or textbook from one of your courses

Academic Technology                                                                                           75 min.

Have you been wondering about how technology might be used during your StFX classes? During the Technology Workshop, you will work ‘hands-on’ (don’t forget to bring your laptop) with Moodle, Office 365, printing on campus, backing up your data, and accessing the different wireless networks available on campus. The goal is to have you walk away feeling more comfortable with the technology that you will be using during your studies at StFX.

·      Bring your laptop/tablet/cellphone (any and all, if you have them)


Reading Textbooks                                                                                                 75 min.

dealing with large volumes of reading; how to read closely, critically, and efficiently; how to identify and retain what you need

·      Bring an assigned reading or textbook from one of your courses

Writing: The Academic Essay                                                                            75 min.

understanding assignment sheets; building a structure, paragraphs; thesis statements and argument; integrating source material, paraphrasing, and quoting; citation styles (APA, Chicago, MLA); and avoiding plagiarism

·      Bring an assignment sheet and current assignment (if you have any in progress) for an academic essay

Writing: The Report (Business & Science)                                                75 min.

using passive and active voices; professional style and register; writing for spoken presentations; group writing; graphic information; descriptive writing & captions; and integrating visuals

·      Bring an assignment sheet and current assignment (if you have any in progress) for a lab report or business case analysis


Cost:  All workshops are FREE!

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