International Student Society

As one of the largest and most inclusive societies on campus, the International Students’ Society is the first contact point for students from all over the world once they reach the StFX campus. Whether you are completing a full degree at X, transferred from another institution, or are here on exchange, you will have a place in the international society.

We co-host the International Welcome Week Program and arrange for a smooth transition into the first weeks of university. During the semesters, the society organizes cultural events and activities such as excursions and trips, the Christmas banquet, and much more. Of course, these events are open to all international students and Canadians. Above all, we are a student-to-student support group and are always happy to help when problems arise; be they academic, cultural, social, or otherwise.

How can you get involved? That’s easy! Just email or contact the Office of Internationalization (this should be a link). For our events we always need committed volunteers, international or Canadian, to help us out. Furthermore, every year the society picks a first-year international representative to join the executive team - a great opportunity to start taking on learning more about and taking on responsibilities in the StFX community.