Campus Environment

Our environment is where we live, work, study, play and party. For our campus to be a healthy, safe and vibrant place to live and learn we need to respect and protect the environment around us. Facilities Management is a key player in environmental sustainability and some of the cool things that they do are highlighted below. It is the responsibility of everyone in our community to participate in things such as sorting waste and respecting green spaces to ensure that our environment will be healthy, safe and vibrant for future inhabitants.

Also, check out 10 Simple Tips on helping to keep our campus and global community green.


New buildings on the StFX campus including the Coady Interational Institute and the Gerald Schwartz School of Business and information are built to LEED standards, an internationally accepted certification program for design, construction and operation of green buildings. Sustainable aspects of the buildings include dual-flush toilets in the Coady building and the use of geothermal energy in the Schwartz building.

Waste management system on campus:

Waste streaming is the LAW! In NS, certain items, such as redeemable recyclable containers, compost and newsprint are BANNED from landfills.
In Antigonish, waste is streamed into four categories: mixed paper, compost, garbage and recyclable containers. Sorting stations with descriptive images are located throughout campus to assist with waste streaming and determining where confusing items go.

Green spaces:

Take advantage of the green spaces on our campus and in the town of Antigonish, all within walking distance. Some of the green spaces on campus include behind Lane Residence, Confusion Square, the Mount Courtyard and the trails on the South-East corner of campus. In Antigonish, check out The Landing and Antigonish Harbour, Columbus Field and Chisholm Park. Respect the greenspaces. Use them, enjoy them, but don’t harm them!


Academic and residence buildings have bike racks outside and other forms of active transportation, such as rollerblading, skateboarding and walking are great environmentally friendly ways to get to and around campus. We also encourage ride-sharing and provide parking spots for Carpool participants as incentive for reducing transportation emissions. In 2010, the Students Union also has purchased a hybrid Ford Escape that is used for the Drive U services. 

Food Services:

Food services endeavors to minimize the ecological impact of food consumption on campus. Some of the ways they do this is by purchasing seasonal options and local food when available, using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and making information available to students about ingredients and processing practices. 

The Amazing work at Facilities Management (FM)!

The facilities management staff work hard to keep our campus clean and environmentally friendly. This includes cleaning and maintaining the buildings we live and learn in, as well as the outdoor parts of StFX. They also are involved with project planning for new additions to campus. FM is involved in much of the work that has been highlighted above. Students, staff and faculty at StFX work alongside FM to ensure that the StFX campus can continue to a healthy, safe and vibrant place in the future.

Antigonish Sustainable Development: 

Find out more about community gardens, the local good food box program, outdoor leadership workshops, the Harbour Sky Astronomical Club and many more opportunities. They also provide information on the framework developed to move Antigonish towards cultural, economic, environmental and social sustainability. Don’t know what sustainability is? Check out this website!