The Community

Antigonish is an area of nearly 20,000 people who extend a warm welcome to the over 4,000 students who attend StFX every year. It is the home of the annual Antigonish Highland Games, Cutural and Arts festivals, and more. 

For more information about ammenites and to explore the coastal area check out the Town of Antigonish. 

 The X Community

As a student you also have the opportunity to avail of the national and global connections that X has made through a very strong Alumni network and partnership through the Coady Institute and Service Learning. Many of our students are involved in local agencies volunteering time and raising funds annually. 

Campus Environment

Campus Safety

Global Community

Living OC


We want a community that can continue to thrive in the future. At StFX, our community is made up of environmental, economic, social and cultural aspects.  We believe in sustaining out community as healthy, safe and vibrant places to live, learn and work. Everything from student leadership opportunities, to the community code to enhancing the experiences and inclusion of all community members work towards a sustainable environment.

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