Global Community

Student Exchange/ Study abroad:

StFX has developed student exchange partnerships with universities around the world. Normally, students participate in an exchange for one or two semesters during the third year of their degree program at StFX. StFX exchange agreements allow StFX students to pay their tuition to StFX during the exchange semester(s). A StFX study abroad student will apply directly to the chosen host university as a visiting student.

The Coady International Institute:

The Coady International Institute is perhaps the most powerful expression of StFX's deep commitment to social justice. World-renowned and unique in its field, the Coady has, since 1959, been changing the world for the better through leadership education, global knowledge building and international youth programs.

Incredibly, the Institute has now graduated over 5,000 students, and the projects it has championed are effecting positive change in over 130 countries around the world.

In addition, the Coady‘s Youth In Partnership Program has given recent Canadian university graduates experience working with development organizations in their area of expertise, to help them increase their understanding of development issues and participate in their roles as global citizens. The program is also aimed at providing experience that will improve participants' employment opportunities when they return from their internship.

Service Learning:

Service Learning is a great way to get involved in local and global communities. The program integrates experiential learning, academic study and community service and in either Course Based or Immersion Service Learning. Examples of Course Based Service Learning include consulting projects, direct service to the public and community-based research on behalf of an organization.

Immersion Service Learning involves travelling in groups to communities in Canada and abroad. There you will learn first hand about the culture and development issues in a particular community. Students have travelled to Belize, China, Cuba, Guatamala, Montreal, Jamaicam, Mexico, Romania and L’Arche Daybreak in Ottawa. These trips take place in the February recess. Bursaries are available to help with the fee for travel and living costs.