Department Directory

Student Life Office

Director of Student Life
306C Bloomfield Centre
(902) 867-2276
Student Conduct Officer
306B Bloomfield Centre
(902) 867-2381
Administrative Assistant
306A Bloomfield Centre
(902) 867-3934

Student Advisors (non-academic)

Coordinator, Aboriginal Student Affairs
313B Bloomfield Centre
(902) 867-5413
Gender and Sexual Diversity Student Advisor
313B Bloomfield Centre
(902) 867-3870
Coordinator, African Descent Student Affairs
313A Bloomfield Centre
(902) 867-5455

Residence Life Staff

Manager, Student Life
2E Morrison Hall
(902) 867-5856
Residence Education Coordinator
2E Morrison Hall
(902) 867-3848
Residence Life Coordinator for Cameron Hall and MacKinnon Hall
3A Morrison Hall
(902) 867-3307
Residence Life Coordinator for Lane Hall and Mount Saint Bernard
3A Morrison Hall
(902) 867-5034
Residence Life Coordinator for O'Regan Hall and Riley Hall
3A Morrison Hall
(902) 867-5332
Residence Life Coordinator for Bishops Hall and Governors Hall
3A Morrison Hall
(902) 867-5034

Student Career Centre

Manager, Student Career Centre/Co-op Program
194 Gerald Schwartz School of Business & Information Systems
(902) 867-2442