Student Success

University is a time of transition and change for all students. This can offer brilliant and exciting opportunities but it can also reveal some of the greatest challenges you may face as a learner. As you make your way through your degree, the important thing to remember is to reach out – there is always someone willing to help.
From year to year students can experience a variety of challenges or new experiences. There is no one path to degree completion and students may experience a stop or stall period even. It is important to reach out for assistance and ask for help when you need it. StFX prides itself on our undergraduate experience and the idea that at any point there is always someone you can reach out to help you along the way.
Setting goals for your time in university can be important. They can be academic (obtaining a particular GPA) or non academic (learning to swim, getting involved in a particular club). It will be important to set realistic goals that are easy to assess. It is also important to reassess your goals from time to time and to not be too hard on yourself - sometimes our goals change, or unexpected things come up.  This is a time for you to explore new idea and things you might be interested, so naturally your perspective might change.
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