Advisory Committee

Wellspring has an Advisory Committee to support and advise the coordinator and staff on achieving the objectives of the Mission of Wellspring.

The 2016-2017 Advisory Committee members are:

Rose Cormier, Health Centre, Chair
Peter MacDonald, Facilities Management
Tim Hines, Dean of Business
Kara Deon, Admissions
Angie Kolen,Human Kinetics
Cailtin Thomas, 4th year student
Kelsey Chislett, 3rd year student
Joseph Pereyras, 2nd year student
Sr. Donna Brady,csm, Liaison with Congregation of Sisters of St. Martha
Sr. Isabel Chiasson,csm
Sr. Rachel MacNeil,csm
Sister Ivy Maccan,csm Ex Officio
Sister Mary MacFarlane,csm, Coordinator, Ex Officio